I am an emerging artist and filmmaker based in Boston. 
Blending documentary and studio art practices, my work explores themes of illness, grief, and death. I am largely interested in the body and all the ways it can mutate, deviate, and, ultimately, fail. From chronic disease to menstruation to neurological disorders, I often use film as an attempt to recreate the subjective experience of physical suffering. This can serve not only as a site of healing for those sharing their experiences but as a way to wrap my mind around the possibility of my own body’s demise. Much of my work is informed by my formative experiences of grief and loss, and my deep anxiety surrounding these topics fuel its form and content. I shift between personal and interview-based filmmaking, sometimes landing somewhere in between, incorporating stop motion animation and analog workflows in an attempt to make tactile my nebulous and often unreachable fears. My films ask what it means to be physically here, and in doing so explore the possibility of being physically gone. 
In order to offset the emotional intensity of this work, I take on lighter projects involving 16mm and stop motion in interim periods. 
My work has screened at major festivals including DOC NYC, Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, and Brooklyn Film Festival. ​​​​​​​I am currently completing an MFA in Film and Media Art at Emerson College.
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